Advanced IT

Usage of modern and effective logistics solutions in transportation planning enables our staff to enter external orders for carriage and work out the most efficient plan for the delivery of goods.

Every vehicle in Trans Sib’s fleet is equipped with an on board computer that enables us to exchange information between vehicles and the head office. Our staff is well informed of current position and status of each truck at all times. The ability to communicate with drivers in real-time, enter orders and plan trips offer you, our valued Customers, great reliability.





Our clients can easily track & trace consignments through an online tracking facility by simply entering their full AWB number. Availability of real-time status updates on your shipment throughout the full lifecycle of your shipment - So, you can see exactly where your goods are at any time. Customer support and service is our highest priority.



We are glad to offer our valued Customers the service of electronic handling and storage of documents. All data, including AWBs and PODs with the stamp and signature of the authorised person, is scanned and stored electronically, which allows easy access for copies to be sent to customers via email and fax. Specialized user-friendly Advanced IT software provides single workspace for Trans Sib partner airlines, customers, cargo agents, freight forwarders and warehouses.