Our Fleet

Our fleet of environmental-friendly vehicles are available with mega trailers and cooler units all equipped with roller-beds, GPS navigation, security locking systems and mobile networking.

We assure quick and easy load or unload from a variety of ULDs, both cargo pallets and containers, from standard size to Q7. Specialized trailers with slide and adjustable roof and sides satisfy the need for out-of gauge shipments or alternative loading processes from the top or sides.


Tractor Units:

  • Mercedes-Benz Actros

  Length 5.8 m  
  Width 2.5 m  
  Height 3 m  
  Own weight 7 t  
  Permissible total weight 40 t  


Mega Trailer Units:

  • Low self weight of 8.2 t enables more transport capacity
  • 24 ton payload concurrent with 100 m3 load volume are major key points in solving diverse transportation assignments
  • Roller Bed System

   Inner:  Length  13.68 m  
     Width  2.45 m  
     Height   3 m  
   Outer:  Length  13.95 m  
     Width   2.55 m  
     Height   4 m  
     Max. Volume  100 m3   


Mega Refrigerated Trailer Units:

  • Own Weight 10.8 t
  • Adjustable temperature between +27°С and -29°С
  • High grade insulation 
  • Load volume 99 m3
  • Roller Bed System

   Inner:  Length  13.35 m  
     Width  2.48 m  
     Height   3 m  
   Outer:  Length  14.00 m  
     Width   2.60 m  
     Height   4 m  
     Max. Volume  99 m3   


Roller Bed System:

  • Rolled bed Systems serves for easy loading or unloading of Air Freight Pallets
  • Pallets can effortlessly be maneuvered over load platform