Company Overview

The story of Trans Sib Atc Air Service GmbH begins on March 20th 2001 with the opening of the Head office in Nuremberg.

In August 2002 a subsidiary was officially opened at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. The subsidiary handles import and export. Afterwards Trans Sib expands by buying three vehicles of its own and began carrying out their first tours to Frankfurt, Nuremberg and Munich themselves. Since then the company has been growing constantly, expanding its motor pool and routes.

Currently the Trans Sib motor pool consists of 26 mega trailers and a small transporter. The semi trailers can be divided into mega trailers and mega cooler units both equipped with roller beds. Furthermore, GPS is available in all vehicles.

During this time the staff has also grown from 5 to 50. Specialized software has been developed and implemented enabling online tracking of freight transport. Trans Sib has acquired the officially certified status of a Regulated Agent (DE/RA/00893-01). All personnel, including planning staff and drivers, receive constant training both initial and on going in compliance with the applicable legal provisions as specified by the German Air Security Act (LuftSIG), European Union (EU) guidelines and meet all applied requirements as prescribed by the German Federal Office of Civil Aviation (LBA).